Should I Move or Remodel?

The Ultimate Checklist

Are you feeling like your present home no longer makes any sense to you? Do you feel any deep resentment for your home whenever you look at it? It is usual for a homeowner to feel as such when they have stayed in a place for a long time. 

Many people who find themselves in this condition normally get confused between whether to put their home up for sale or give it the required facelift so it wears a completely new look. 

If you are currently experiencing the same challenge, then the last statement will sound very familiar to you. For those who want to be sure of their decisions in this regards, here are a few things you can consider.

The Emotional Consequence

The emotional connection you have with where you are currently staying is of extreme significance. It is possible that you may have stayed long enough in your neighborhood and have developed good and rewarding relationships with those living around you. That passes as a good reason to rethink your decision to move out. After all, you don’t know the neighbors you will be having in your new location. “The Devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know!”

The Renovation Period

Although some people would prefer remodelling when they are tired of the way their house looks, it must be said that renovation can be demanding and can be a source of great inconvenience. Think of the noise, privacy encroachment, dust as well as the reduction in living space that you will have to put up with during that period. If where you are staying will require a big reconstruction effort along with a lot of time, then moving out of such house may be the most viable option. 


Working with the right home remodelling service around your locality means a lot in this regards. You should work with a company that can give you a reasonable estimate that will accommodate your upgrade needs. If you are disciplined enough to work with your budget as the renovation is going on, then remodelling your home can be a realistic option for you. But if you are the type of person that likes to include too many unplanned upgrades in the course of the remodelling, which will result to ramping up your budget, then maybe moving out may be best for you.

Comparing the costs

Moving out to a new place and remodelling it cannot be the same in terms of cost. If you are moving out to a completely new house, you would need to bother about additional costs such as moving expenses, agent fee, search cost as well as a down payment. Make sure these costs are put into perspective before settling for any option.