How Long Does It Take to Build a New Home?

The Census Bureau undertook a construction survey in 2016 and concluded that it took an average period of 6 months to build a family house. It cannot be the same for all homes because there are a lot of factors that influence the timeline of any of such projects.

You will have to look into factors like the project complexity, the location of the choice home, the land you are building on, and how intricate the floor plan would be. All of these would affect the time it will take to complete the house. That said, production homes won’t take as much time as custom homes. Manufactured homes can last just a couple of months.

Permits & Pre-Construction

Before anyone would agree to buy a home, the place must look appealing. There have to be clearing of rocks, trees, and any other items that might constitute a nuisance. Rough grading, as well as foundation levelling, may be necessary. Delays are not unusual in the course of a pre-construction. Another thing that can also influence the timeline of home construction projects is the time it takes to get the required permit.


The environment of the home that is about to be constructed also has a role to play in impacting the timeline. Whether the home is in the Middle Atlantic region, a mountainous region, a metropolitan area, or a rural setup, the factor of location is always a real one. For instance, home construction within metropolitan areas can take up to 7 months, while those in rural areas can last up to 9 months. Plus, if the home is in a place where the weather is mostly wet due to rains, then that can also affect the project timeline.

Availability of supplies and workers

Home construction projects are more common during the summer season. However, if you do not have standby labour to do the job as at when due, then that could result in a delay. The availability of supplies and labour is a crucial factor. Therefore, the earlier you get those sorted out, the faster your work would progress. 

Change of plan

Implementation of sudden changes in the course of a home construction project will always affect how soon it will be completed. It is even worse off when such changes are to be effected towards the end of the construction. That could mean a lot of backward adjustments. 

For this to be avoided, make sure you are in constant touch with your builder in the course of the project. That way, your new ideas can be introduced at a much safer time. 

Style of Construction 

Construction style also has a role to play in the timeline of such projects. Customized homes are a lot more demanding, and they take the longest time to finish. Personalized productions don’t take as much time as custom-fitted homes. If you are sticking with a standard floor plan, then that is even better and straightforward. That is time-saving.