Hiring a Contractor? Ask these questions

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Many people still hire a contractor for their remodeling project without asking them a few questions. In the end, most of such contracts only end up in one form of dispute or the other. 

I have a feeling you do not want your case to end that way, which explains why you are reading this right now. This piece will be helping you with some vital questions that must be put out to your potential contractor before you sign any papers. Let us get straight to some of those questions. 

What’s your mode of communication?

You should never assume your prospective contractor to be using a certain type of communication means to keep in touch with his clients. The individual must tell you how they can be reached. This is very important because if you assume a communication means like a phone or email and try that without getting any response, it is going to be disappointing for you. 

A copy of their insurance policy?

When a project of this nature is carried out, anything is bound to happen. And when some of these things happen, losses can only be covered when the contractor is under a certain insurance package. That is why you should never be afraid of requesting for a copy of their policy if they have one. That way, you can at least know what you are getting yourself into. 

What license number are you using?

It is easy for anybody to tell you anything these days. They can tell you they have vast experience in handling certain tasks when they barely know anything about such jobs. And who would blame them? Most people are just looking for how to survive. Therefore, the one way you can know if someone has been approved and certified by the authorities to carry out such responsibilities is by asking for their license number. 

If they are not good enough, they wouldn’t have any license number. But if they have gone through the verification process, the will not be scared to tell you what their license number is. 

Worked under another company before?

You need to also find out if your prospect have worked somewhere else before. If they have done that, you can kindly ask them for the name of that place so you can do your findings later on. 

How much would this project cost?

This sounds like a no brainer, but trust me many people are still falling for this. No matter how sugar coated your potential contractor is you need to have this sorted out with them. And even after they tell you what their price for doing the work is, don’t just settle for them. Instead get someone else and also find out how much their services would be worth. With an adequate comparison you should be able to get a decent price.