Energy-efficient Construction Upgrades

Approximately forty percent of all the energy consumed in America can be traced to commercial and residential buildings, according an energy report. And of all the money spent on energy yearly, between 10 and 20% of that money is spent as a result of wastes coming out from drafts, outdated cooling and heating systems, and air leaks from openings. 

Therefore one way to cut down on your energy bills and live a more comfortable life is by adopting energy efficient upgrades. Here are some energy efficient construction upgrades to get you started and prepared for the New Year.

Sealing of air leaks

It is important that you have all the air leaks around walls, floors, windows, ceilings, and fireplaces sealed with spray foam, caulk, as well as weathering stripping. The leakage of warm air into and out of your home at specific seasons can cause an unnecessary spike in your energy bills. Take for instance, reducing drafts inside your home can account for between 3 and 5% savings in your energy bills yearly; also leaving you with a more comfortable environment afterwards. 

Addition of insulation

Add insulation to your basement, crawl space, or attic, alongside air-sealing the outside walls to ensure your home is kept constantly cool during the winter and summer periods. Increasing the insulation of your home is one sure way of cutting down on how much you are spending on energy. 

Energy efficient doors, windows, and skylights

The installation of the things mentioned above is very necessary in guaranteeing you more comfort and energy savings in your home. You could save up to 10% on what you are spending on your cooling or heating bills when you decide to turn back your thermostat by 10% for about 8hours.

Seal ducts

Make sure your ducts are sealed, straight, and well-connected. A lot of duct systems aren’t properly insulated. Some have holes or gaps within, where air can escape from. You could lose as much as sixty-percent of heated air prior to it reaching the register should you use non-insulated ducts. 

Upgrade your cooling and heating systems

Your cooling and heating systems use up more energy when compared to any other system in your house. Forty-three percent of whatever you are spending on your energy bills can be traced to your cooling and heating systems. By combining good maintenance with upgrades alongside adequate insulation, thermostat settings and air sealing, you can save up to between 20 and 50% on your energy spending. 

Install energy-efficient heater

You can make do with a tank heater that is energy efficient or stick with the new tankless water heaters. Water heating accounts for about 12% of whatever it is you are paying for your energy bills. You should equally consider reducing your use of hot water, insulating your heater, and turning down your water heater thermostat.