Common Problems with Roofs/Plumbing/Electrical

Moving into a new house can mean a great deal, particularly when the said home looks every inch like your dream home. You can get so excited that you overlook some common roofing, plumbing or electrical problems that might make you spend more in the long run. 

This post will be letting you in on some of the things you are supposed to know regarding some everyday problems that can plague a house. 

Poor connections

Just because you are about to buy a house doesn’t mean it cannot be poorly connected. In fact, this is a common sight in most homes. Switch on the lights to check for this problem. The moment you notice the lights flicker or blink, know that there is a poorly connected wire somewhere along the circuit. If you have this at the back of your mind before moving in, then it will not come to you as a surprise when you actually need to get it fixed. 

Water damage 

Plumbing problems can be such a pain in the ass when they aren’t handled as at when due. The earlier you notice water damages in the house, the lesser you would have to spend it getting it fixed. Check for water marks on dry walls and woods. They are usually brownish in color. Whoever is selling the house to you has to be completely honest with you, because some people go ahead to install brand new cabinet in the kitchen, so that damages will not be visible to unsuspecting buyers. 


The quality of a roof is bound to deteriorate with time since it is exposed to weather conditions. This is more noticed in organic roofing materials. And if the roof is exposed to industrial atmosphere or pollutants, it will damage faster. Inorganic roofing material types do not belong in this category. This one very common occurrence in most property, so keep your eyes open when next you go to inspect a property. 

Uneven roof

A couple of homeowners are still in the habit of overlooking things such as this one. An uneven roof may sound simple to the ears and even look non-threatening to the eyes, but it is one of the most common factors that can weaken the structure of a roof. When the problem of uneven roof is allowed to persist for a long time, it will cause water and sediments to gather in your roof, resulting to the rot in that part of the roof. It can pose a serious threat, so you need to take care of it immediately. 

Old steel and lead pipes

Access to portable and clean water is a top priority for anyone who is looking to move into a new house. Try to identify old water supply pipes that are galvanized with lead or steel. You ought to have those replaced with new ones, to enhance the portability of the water that is coming into the house. Trying to stick with the old steel or lead galvanized pipes can present serious health challenges to you and your family later.