Best Places in Florida to Build a New Home

Are you considering the option of buying a home in Florida, but you are not sure where to begin your quest? With thousands of people making the move to this sunshine state every week, you, aren’t the only one thinking about this. Florida has got about 20 metropolitan areas you can always choose from, so you can never the short of options. From busy business hubs to exciting leisure centres, Florida has got something that would tickle everyone’s fancy. Here are some of the best cities where you can live in Florida.

Orange Park/Jacksonville

Jacksonville has been described by many as the best place one can live in Florida. The rate of crime is low and there are several relaxation spots where you can catch your fun. Jacksonville can boast of a highly diversified and functional economy, thanks to CSX, BellSouth, and other big corporations that are out there. This town has got a healthy mixture of southern, northern, and Florida kind of cities, with a water-loving consciousness to go with it. A low unemployment rate of about 3.2% means you can get a job not later than whenever you arrive there. 


Residents say life seems to be slower at this place than it is in any other part of Florida. The level of crime is not high, and with a reasonable amount of sun shining all year round, this is one exciting location to raise a family. With just about 20,000 residents, this small town promises every amenity you can find in any high-profile city. Restaurants and other relaxation venues are popular sights due to the tourist nature of Naples. 

Water Springs

Going to Florida for a visit and not seeing Disney is like visiting the White House and not seeing the President. If you love fun places such as Disney, then you may want to live in a place like Water Springs. This small town promises all the standard basic amenities you can dream of, while affording you the tranquillity and hustle-free atmosphere that is common to small towns.

Palm Beach

Are you educationally inclined and you are looking for an educationally enlightened location where you can raise your family in? Palm Beach could be right on the cards. With over a hundred thousand residents at a time, Palm Beach still has a way of keeping its small-town looks together. As someone who loves golfing, you would love to stay here because Palm Beach is where everything about golfing is going down.


This town has remained a great destination for art lovers and those who love to get in the act of festivals. You are never too far away from a spotlight city like Tampa when you choose to stay in Dunedin. With its relatively cheap home prices, you can get a befitting home for just two hundred thousand dollars.


The above towns are all great places where you can raise a family in Florida. But given the number of people trooping to Jacksonville and the other places, moving to a place like Florida is something that will be worth the effort and experience.